Sunday, December 29, 2013

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We stopped updating this blog long ago, but we remain active in helping people search for their lost dogs. So don't be shy about reaching out to contact us. You can email me if you need help with the search for your lost dog.

We live in Northern Virginia  - in Arlington County, Fairfax County and the city of Alexandria. It is easiest for us to help in person when searching for a dog lost near where we live, of course. But we can advise no matter where you live. 

We have been working together for five years, and we've been involved in all stages of the life cycle of many, many different lost dog searches.

Like most volunteers, our availability is usually spotty, and never as much as we wish it was. But contact me and let's talk about your lost dog, and what kind of help you need. 

Hopefully we can help you too.

Nancy Despeaux